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    Human Racial Information Empty Human Racial Information

    Post by Serenity on Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:51 am


    Human History Of Supernatural Abilities

    Maximum Age: (Powered) 350

    Maximum Age: (Unpowered) 110

    For years upon years, there have been many myths and legends about humans with supernatural abilities. From the Greek and Roman Gods, to the witches of the Salem Witch Trials, and even what we now know as 'superheros', people with strong spiritual abilities have been called by many different names. In the years of the far past, people with extraordinary abilities were often looked on as Gods. They were worshiped and praised by those of normal spiritual status. In more recent past, anyone who dared delve into the arts of 'witchcraft' and 'black magic' were considered heathens and to have made deals with the devil to gain their power. They were shunned, beaten, and even hanged for their crimes. This fear lead to humans keeping their powers secret, denying them completely, or never being able to develop them in any decent way. In very recent years, people calling themselves 'mediums' and those claiming to have the ability to speak and see the dead have become more popular and are even seen on every day television shows, while others still keep themselves hidden.

    These are the humans of today. Humans are slowly being able to show the world their power, not only to see and communicate with the dead, but preform feats otherwise unimaginable. Some of these humans are thought of as “freaks of nature” and some are considered blessed and gifted. In the early 2000's, human ability began to rise world wide. “Normal” people began to fear for their lives, not trusting anyone on the streets, and even began to accuse their own neighbors. People with strong religious beliefs talked about spiritually gifted humans as if they were demons, using people's fear to draw in more followers and turn them against those they did not understand. To protect both the spiritually gifted and normal humans alike, the government chose to step in and ban all major uses of magic. The spiritually gifted, now calling themselves “The Fallen” have returned to hiding. Children who grow with power fear not being accepted by their very own families, not understanding exactly where their power came from.

    In 2008, a “normal” girl was found dead by unnatural means. This sparked rioting and violence in cities all over. People began hunting down the “The Fallen” and killing them in the streets. It became a genocide, and not all of those killed were actually “The Fallen”. Many were just accused, but nothing was ever proven. Once again, the government stepped in and in 2010, the fighting was finally stopped. Peace began to take over and people's lives were calming down. Things began calming down because the school Hephaestus Academy, a very large, private and very secret school for those with spiritual abilities, was founded. The Academy brought in students from all around the world in to teach them how to control their abilities. With this easing people's mind, the violence stopped and things moved on.

    Humans And Spiritual Power

    How do people gain their power? This is the number one question that people ask and many do not understand. Humans gain their power just by being around other people who are spiritually aware. Once you have your power and are able to access even the smallest part of spiritual energy, you can advance yourself through training. Humans are actually very basic in their make-up, but are also the most varied in what types of abilities they could have. Like Quincy, Humans work off of Reishi energy. There are no specifics that humans have beyond a few skills. The human skill sheet consists of: Reishi Control, Weapon Skill, and Unarmed Combat. The better their Reishi control, the better they are able to control their powers. The better the Weapon Skill, the better they are with the weapons they use. The better the Unarmed Combat Skill, the better they are in martial arts and/or fighting without a weapon.

    A human power represents themselves in different ways, depending on what emotions and feelings are more powerful. If a human wants to make friends, their powers might form around friendship. If a character wants to protect the one that they love, they might get stronger around those people. This differs from person to person and it is possible for powers to develop for other reasons, but this is usually how they develop. It is possible for some powers to even be hereditary.

    Souls, not Shinigami

    There is a step between dying as a human and becoming a Shinigami and that is being a soul. Also known as "Plus" while in the World Of The Living, these are the common people throughout the Soul Society that do not usually have heightened spiritual power. However, it is possible for souls to show power before becoming an actual Shinigami, such as the early episodes that depicted Ganju Shiba. If you're wanting to make a character like this, please use the human template and create a small addition under the basics at the top of the template that says "Sub-Race: Plus/Soul". If this is done, the character will be treated as human for the skill sheet, so "Reishi Control" must be changed to "Reiryoku Control".

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