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    General Site Rules Empty General Site Rules

    Post by Serenity on Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:40 pm


    0 ) Please use your head and some common sense.

    1 ) Staff have final ruling on any subject matter or problem that may arise. Difficult rulings may be seen by multiple staff members. The Head Admin has final adjudication on any subject. Site canon is decided by staff.

    2 ) This site excludes any Bleach canon story lines and characters. Please make sure to read site information, such as site history to make sure you understand how Broken Blade operates.

    3 ) No meta-gaming/god modding. This means your character automatically knowing a weakness, knowing where an attack will come from with no real signs, etc. This also applies to automatically knowing personality traits of other characters.

    4 ) If you post something in the chat or on the site that is Not Safe For Work, make sure you say it is NSFW. This basically means no nipples, reproductive organs, underwear shots, heavy gore, very sexually suggestive images, etc. are allowed to be posted in the chat without saying NSFW right before or right after posting the link. In a thread, images like that must be posted in a spoiler with NSFW right above the spoiler.

    5 ) No offensive bragging or showing off. “My character is better than yours” is not tolerable.

    6 ) No overzealous bumping. Bumping is posting in a thread where you last posted to promote what you last said.

    7 ) After two months of no role playing, a member will be considered inactive. Inactive members will have their characters and threads archived.

    8 ) If the majority of the thread participants vote to have a thread dubbed inactive, the thread will be archived, causing the events within the thread to become invalid.

    9 ) If staff feels that a person is likely to cause problems, then the admins have the right to ask them to leave. If this request is ignored, staff will discuss possible bans.

    10 ) Unchecked Face Claims may sit "idle" for 14 days (2 weeks) without being checked before they are considered automatically approved.

    11 ) If a position has not been checked within 1 week (7 days), then an admin has the right to check the position. If the owner of the organization has a problem with the admin's ruling, they may change the position accepted by the admin to one equal to or less than the position given by the admin.

    12 ) Sub-organizations have to be pre-cleared by an admin before you make them.

    13 ) Signature Size Limitations: 1 image per signature, 600x200 images and 300 letters.

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