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    Character Rules


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    Character Rules Empty Character Rules

    Post by Serenity on Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:19 pm


    1 ) No powers in a character application are to be posted in first person.

    2 ) All powers must have drawbacks, limited amount of uses, or cool downs.

    3 ) All powers must work with the “Power Triangle”: Avoidability. Blockability. Damage. An active power should be able to be dodged, blocked, or survivable. This does not apply to passive powers, which have no standard.

    4 ) All powers are to be approved through a case-by-case basis. If a power is not suitable for Broken Blade, a staff member will ask for you to change it.  The following abilities are highly scrutinized, but the privilege to use such powers may be taken away if they are abused: Time-based, emotion-based, and teleportation-based.

    5 ) Dice rolls may be used for abilities. However, this is not meant to be common. We can't have accountability on if a roll someone claims is legitimate. This is extremely scrutinized.

    6 ) Time travel is currently extremely scrutinized. You can travel from the past to present but may not travel back. You can not travel to or from the future. You can not travel to the past and change anything; you can ONLY observe.

    7 ) While we allow 'rips' of other series' characters, please make sure they are modified to fit this site. No 'so-and-so crossed the 98th dimension to get to the time line of Broken Blade.'

    8 ) Unpowered Humans have a maximum age of 110. Human/Quincy powered characters have a maximum age of 350 years. Spiritual characters have a maximum age of 4000 years.

    9 ) Only ONE character per application. This means no merging of siblings, spouses, etc.

    10 ) Hybrids don't exist.  If a character is born to two races, pick one. (If someone of a spiritual race gets pregnant by a living being, they're stuck in that gigai. Why? Because... plots.)

    11 ) Explicit content is restricted to spoilers with warning. No pornographic images. Staff can remove explicit content as needed.

    12 ) Characters are given tier by staff only upon a character's approval. If you feel your character deserves a higher tier, speak to the staff member that graded your app.

    13 ) Application titles should be the character's name. Not "My Character" and things like.

    14 ) One Segunda Etapa and One Vasto Lorde per person.

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