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    Post by Tsubine on Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:40 am

    Shinigami Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Ryuunosuke Asakawa
    Nicknames: (Optional)
    Appearance Age: (How old do they look?)
    True Age:
    Appearance: (A picture will suffice here, otherwise a paragraph on their overall appearance and another on their clothing)

    Character Information

    Personality: Ryuunosuke is not a statue, though he may seem like one. People imagine Ryuunosuke Asakawa as one of Her Majesty’s guards. Silent. Unmoved. Always vigilant. Honestly, he’s none of those things. To put it a little bluntly, Ryuunosuke doesn’t know what socializing is. He was brought up in a kill-or-be-killed world. There are a handful of emotions that Ryuunosuke knows--anger, fear, respect, and love. He has experienced those 3 and can put his finger on what they are. It’s when you put jealousy, sadness, and even happiness on the table that Ryuunosuke decides to shut off that part of him. What would be a highly emotional situation for someone else easily becomes a calm and cold outlook from him. This is one of the things that made him a great Captain-Commander. This makes him seem more standoffish than most. In actuality, Ryuunosuke doesn’t interact with people because he doesn’t get the “positive” emotions most understand innately. Sakura Higashiyama has inspired a curious streak in him, however. He now wishes to understand those emotions he hasn’t understood before. So far, only one other person has been able to break through that shell.

    Above, I mentioned that Ryuunosuke knows what love is. Truthfully, it’s not as simple as that. Ryuunosuke has experienced love before. He fell in love once, but it ended in fire and him feeling empty. Ryuunosuke desires a specific type of love. He doesn’t want the stereotypical white picket fence life. He wants a love where both parties support one another. He wants a partner, someone he can trust with more than his life. He wants someone he can trust with their own life. He doesn’t want to have to worry constantly if his lover is okay. Thus, someone who is completely without hope in becoming strong is not one who would work with him. However, someone who is strong or has potential to become strong works perfectly.

    From most people, Ryuunosuke wants respect. This may not mean he is the top dog, of course. However, he does not feel he has it. After the disaster that resulted in his apprentice becoming the new Captain-Commander, he feels as though he lost any respect he garnished during his time in the position. He didn’t, in actuality, but he doesn’t have the best opinion of himself. He feels like he humiliated not only himself but his position. He gave it to the best candidate, who was about to be promoted to a Captaincy anyway. Ryuunosuke simply hates how it ended up happening. He feels like it was his fault, and if he had just been better nothing like this would have happened. Of course it still WOULD have happened no matter what, but he didn’t stick around long enough to get that pep talk.

    Character Background:

    NOTE: The Chapter in the spoiler is not meant to be known by anyone. If you want your character to know this, talk to me.
    The Beginning of the End:

    Ryuunosuke Asakawa was born many, many, many years ago in the World of the Living, but he died at a very young age due to war. He is among the older of the Shinigami currently still around. He was re-born in District 80 of South Rukongai, known as Sokan (染樺; lit. Stained Birch). Don't let the people from Sokan hear you refer to Zaraki as the "toughest district." People from Sokan and Zaraki are always at odds with one another. Sokan citizens claim they are stronger while Zaraki citizens do the same. It is a good thing the Seireitei is in the middle of them, or there would be war. Sokan was much like Zaraki. There was just one difference. There wasn't some magnanimous person that came out of there to become a Shinigami. Few lived long enough to see such a dream come to reality.

    Ryuunosuke was one of the few that did. And he didn't do it on his own. Someone from District 44 of West Rukongai, Bensei (弁成; lit. Petal Growing), was captured by Sokan residents. She was abused in ways that the young Ryuunosuke didn't understand. But he knew he didn't like seeing her like this. She wasn't one of them, so why should she get treated like one of them? And then, she exploded with energy—practically literally. Her reiatsu was enough to push the men away from her. The only one that could stand was Ryuunosuke, but he was frozen. He could feel the pressure, and he just stared at her. Covered in blood and other fluids, the woman tried to force out a smile... and then grabbed Ryuunosuke's hand as she ran.

    The two ran into a forest, where she introduced herself as Misaya Tsukabe, Ryuunosuke did the same. He asked why she took him with her while she cleaned herself off. She replied "Because you didn't join in." She explained that she was captured while trying to find her older brother who died alongside her. She said that he'd always know what to do, and she needed him now that she was in the Soul Society. Ryuunosuke was about to leave when Misaya told him that he wouldn't be able to go back. They'd think that he did this to run away with the girl. So his only choice of action would be to come with her.

    Reluctantly, Ryuunosuke agreed. They returned to Bensei and had a quiet life there with just the two of them. Ryuunosuke only had the skills to do manual labor, but they had a living. While there, Misaya taught him to read and write. She did so beautifully, as if she was a master at it. And so he learned how to write like she did. He had beautiful, flowing marks that were more feminine than masculine. Ryuunosuke did not notice it at first, but something odd kept happening. When someone called out for "Ms Tsukabe," it took Misaya a moment or two to catch that they were talking to her. Only Ryuunosuke was allowed to call her by her first name.

    They lived together for about a century before it all crumbled. He returned home and was greeted with a sword and several armed men in black kimono inside of his home. A man in clothes fancier than Ryuunosuke had ever seen was yelling at Misaya. Ryuunosuke fought past the first few guards while trying to get to Misaya. He was only a few feet away when the rest finally stopped him. Misaya looked to him with tears in her eyes and apologized. That was when she revealed her name was not Tsukabe, but Shitsumu. It was written the same, but pronounced differently. And the Shitsumu family... was one of the Four Great Noble Families along with the Saionji, the Ichinose, and the Nakahara. Misaya was the heir at that time and she had been missing for years.

    Misaya wanted nothing to do with the life of nobility. She apologized for keeping it from him, but Ryuunosuke's eyes were wide in shock. The head of the family finally motioned for the Shinigami to take Misaya away. She screamed for Ryuunosuke to help, but he didn't fight. She had lied to him from the very beginning. So he didn't resist. He just went limp. The head of the family left Ryuunosuke alive with some gold as "thanks for keeping Misaya safe." Ryuunosuke remained silent as the woman he loved left his life for good.

    Ryuunosuke heard nothing of the Shitsumu for about three years. Misaya was on his mind constantly, but he wasn't going to see the woman that lied to him like that. When he finally heard something on the Shitsumu, it was not good. The family manor had been destroyed in a fire. The entire family had died in their sleep from the smoke and falling debris. The Shitsumu was no longer a noble family (as it no longer existed), and another family, the Ishino, were to be put into its vacant position. But the politics didn't matter to Ryuunosuke. He had let Misaya die. He clutched the ring he was planning to give her the day she was taken away so hard that it actually bent. He knew then that he had been a fool. He wished he would have fought back, even if it was for naught. But once he remembered what had happened, he knew he would have to be stronger to prevent that from happening again. And so Ryuunosuke enrolled in the Shinigami academy.

    As a student in the Shinigami Academy, no one studied as hard as Ryuunosuke did. He was constantly approached by teachers and even members of the Fourth Division so they could tell him to eat more. He was skipping meals just so he could have more time to practice. And it paid off. He was one of the lightest Shinigami to ever graduate, but he also set many records some of which still stand today. He wasn't a prodigy. He just studied hard enough that people thought he was. Ryuunosuke's body never fully recovered from his time in the academy, and he's been a bit lighter than normal ever since.

    Ryuunosuke was initially placed within the Sixth Division, but he immediately transferred out. He was not going to serve under a noble. Instead, he was placed in the First Division. Most of his duties involved paperwork and being an officiary for some events. Ryuunosuke is actually ordained to marry thanks to his time in the First Division. It took him a decade or two of doing those types of task for him to start building up the iron heart he is known for. His time in the First Division de-sensitized him. He saw in-fighting. He saw people squabble over the most petty things. And all Ryuunosuke could do was remain neutral.

    When Ryuunosuke attained his Shikai, he could tell that it was... different. When he spoke to his Zanpakutō spirit, he understood what this power was born out of. He wanted to change his past. He wanted to go back and do it over again. But time itself wasn't going to let him. So he was going to have to manipulate time itself to his will. So that was going to be how he was going to have to live his life. His Bankai was further proof of this. The moment he attained it, he despised it. The second time he released it, Ryuunosuke was the Lieutenant of the 1st Division around 260 years ago. Ryuunosuke was in a fight with an Arrancar, and so he needed the temporary boost of his Bankai. This allowed him to win... but at a cost.

    He reversed his age to the point to where he was physically a third seat. But when Ryuunosuke began to train again, he realized the ease of it because he knew how to do certain things already. He was thus able to get back to his old strength within only a few years, and he was then able to get even stronger. It was not long after that he was promoted to being the Captain-Commander. This was an honor he accepted, and it only furthered his steel exterior. But inside of him, a fire still raged.

    Ryuunosuke saw a spark of life within a member of the 11th division, however. He was a young man who was becoming an up-and-coming star with a troubled past. He was a force of personality with an iron will. He might have been a bit relaxed at times, but he was still a dutiful and honorable man. And Ryuunosuke took interest in him. When the previous Lieutenant left, there was a vacancy. And so Ryuunosuke asked the young Tsubine von Zarkonheinz to take the vacant position. The eager young man did so, and for the next 40 years they fostered a close friendship. In truth, Tsubine was the only "friend" Ryuunosuke thought he had. Ryuunosuke decided after only a short time of Tsubine serving as a Lieutenant that he had the capabilities of being a fine Captain. With a spot open, he was preparing to promote Tsubine to a Captaincy. Fate had different plans.

    Jean-Paul Feyte escaped from the Great Central Underground Prison the day before the promotion was to be unveiled. Jean-Paul was a former member of the 2nd Division, convicted of “crimes against humanity.” He was an interrogator, but his methods were far from orthodox. Due to his skills and training, the only place where he could safely be imprisoned was deep beneath the First Division. Ryuunosuke went down to handle the matter. Jean-Paul nearly overpowered the Captain-Commander with a forbidden technique. Ryuunosuke’s Zanpakutō shattered once it was drawn. The backlash of power nearly cost Ryuunosuke his Shinigami powers. His Lieutenant, thankfully, was unaffected. Using Kidō instead of his Zanpakutō, Tsubine defeated Feyte. Ryuunosuke disappeared that night after examining himself and making sure his body was unharmed. Knowing that word would spread from the other Shinigami that saw the battle, he banished himself in shame--vowing to return only if the Gotei needed him or he had regained his honor.

    Racial Abilities

    Unreleased Abilities: (Does your character have any special abilities when they are not using their Zanpakutō? This is for things like Shunko.)
    Other Weapons: (What type of weapons does your character carry other than their Zanpakutō?)


    Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: (A picture or five sentences)
    Zanpakutō Spirit's World: (OPTIONAL: A picture or five sentences)
    Zanpakutō: (What does your Zanpakutō look like?)
    Zanpakutō Release Phrase:


    Shikai Name:
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    Shikai Abilities:


    Bankai Name:
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