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    » Name: Sekhar Vashim (शेखर वाशिम) [Much like his older "bother," Sekhar named himself. The name he chose was that of Shekhar, meaning "crest" or "peak." He sees himself as the peak of the Kushanaada's will to protect and guard Hell. Vashim is just something that "rolled off of the tongue."]
    » Age: Sekhar has only existed for about 400 years, contrary to Ravan. Sekhar was born only after Ender looked into Hell, as the exposure of an outside influence gave shape to the flowing "will" of the Kushanaada. This would make Sekhar one of the first, if not the second, Rakshasa.
    » Gender: Male [Similar to Ravan, Sekhar is only "biologically" male. Although it is easier to call Sekhar a "he," it would be more correct to call him a "they" as in the plural. Sekhar views himself as an embodiment of all of the Kushanaadas' will, not just a singular one's.]
    » Affiliation/Rank: This is where Sekhar and Ravan are perhaps the most alike. Sekhar exists to guard and protect Hell. Sekhar is far more zealous in this pursuit—to the point where even Ravan refers to him as a shut-in. He doesn't want Shadow Fall or any other organization's influence to affect Hell, so Sekhar retains a fairly neutral perspective on any of their activities.

    » True Appearance Written: (What is the appearance of your Rakshasa? They do not have any form of shifter appearance, they are always in their true form)

    » True  Appearance Picture: (If you have an image, feel free to post it here. If not, remove this)

    I. Personality

    » Personality:

    He Who Cannot Fear: Sekhar is entirely capable of fear. He is someone who looks at terrifying beings on a daily basis. Even with such a recurring situation, it does not make him any less afraid. Hell, Ravan terrifies him. Yet, this is something Sekhar does not show. He cannot show it. He guards what can best be described as the prison cells of Hell. Those who are doomed to spend eternity within Hell are sent to Sekhar's cells. If the prison warden shows fear, then what do the prisoners have to worry about? No, Sekhar just watches with a careful eye and an unflinching face. He is capable of staring death in the face and not showing fear—although he himself is terrified to the core. Someone who can read emotions that are hidden would see right through Sekhar's facade.

    He Who Must Protect: Sekhar takes his place as a "Guardian of Hell" very seriously. Too seriously, if you ask any other Rakshasa. Hell is something sacred to him. It is more than just a home. It is his birthplace and his birthright. He believes other Rakshasa can protect their layers from outside forces. He doesn't believe he can control the outside influences they have, but that is something he has learned to ignore for the most part. It is Sekhar's job to protect it from the inside. He keeps those who are not meant to escape from escaping. Hell is meant to be a place of punishment for outsiders, not a vacation home. Once they have served their sentence and repented enough in Sekhar's eyes, they are released. Until then, they cannot leave. Sekhar will make sure of that.

    He Who Must Not Leave: Sekhar feels as though his duty to Hell is so much that leaving is a bother. Visiting the other layers is fine. He can basically instantly return to his own if he so chooses. It also builds camraderie with the other Rakshasa. Well, at least what he calls camraderie. It really is just mostly-awkward smalltalk that he thinks is working well. When you bring him to the World of the Living or any other realm, Sekhar is perpetually bored-looking. He is, in actuality, incredibly anxious and wants to return so nothing actually goes wrong. He sends his Hell Beast to guard, but he doesn't trust them enough for that to last very long.

    He Who Does Not Socialize: Sekhar is decently social. He just doesn't know how to be social. As mentioned above, he tries smalltalk that just ends awkwardly. He wants to actively support his bretheren in keeping Hell a proper place for Rakshasa to exist in. However, his odd ways of speaking—many times it is him speaking to himself to vocalize a thought. His bluntness sometimes borders on being rude to most. However, he doesn't know how he is being rude. Usually his Hell Beast or the other person will need to correct him.

    He Who Is Not Alone: Sekhar, even when standing in the vast emptiness of Ravan's layer, is not alone. Even when his Hell Beast is away, he is not alone. Sekhar has the will of all of the former Kushanaada within him. They may not have had free will, but their desire and drive to protect Hell has instilled within him a duty that none other could possess. That is something he values greatly. He looks at it as if the former Kushanaada are part of him and make up a decent bit of who he is. That is why he believes that he is not alone—for the Kushanaada are with him in spirit.


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