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    How The Blade Broke Empty How The Blade Broke

    Post by Serenity on Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:14 am

    How The Blade Broke

    In the beginning, there was nothing but an immense darkness. This darkness took the form of the black robes that the original God of Death wore while he reaped the souls of the deceased. However, when he did this it was not to kill or harm, but instead to keep the world in balance. He created a realm within himself, now known as Hueco Mundo, and allowed the souls he reaped to populate it. It was his way of giving the good and the bad a second chance, but things were not as peaceful as he wanted them to be. Although he was able to save many souls, there were those who held onto mortal bindings and became these horrid masked creatures known as hollow. The hollows fed off of the souls the God of Death tried to save. He was trying to save everyone, including hollow, but this wasn't enough.

    As time went by, the God of Death's job became harder and harder. Although he was a being of massive power, he could not do everything on his own. With the population of humanity growing, he was quickly becoming overwhelmed with the number os souls to reap. To aid him in this question, the God of Death created the first Quincy. They were formed by infusing spiritual energy into their bodies, giving them something reminiscent of a Soul Sleep to use to gather energy. Knowing that their powers were going to be limited because they were humans, the God of Death gave them the ability to absorb reishi from the world around them. With this ability, they were able to fight without running out of power as easily as they originally would have and they were able to aid him in his quest to balance the worlds.

    The initial idea succeeded, but soon the balance he strove to protect was thrown off. The God of Death did not realize when he created the Quincy that they destroyed Hollows instead of purifying them. This created a massive gap in the number of souls. At around the same time, the number of Hollows with extraordinary abilities was at a peak. These Hollows easily began to overwhelm the souls inside his realm. With the Quincy-created gap and a gap now forming at a rapidly-increasing rate by the Hollow, the Soul Cycle was about to be broken. Thus, the God of Death had to act quickly, coming up with an idea—an idea so crazy it just might work.

    The God of Death opened the sole entry and exit from his realm and stepped in. The massive figure raised his scythe-like sword and swung down. As the sword impacted the ground, it tore through, creating a storm of death and creation alike. The ripping of dimensional fabric was enough to tear the realm in two—leaving the majority of Hollows on one side and the majority of souls on the other. The realms repaired one another, creating two separate living areas for each. The one for the souls became known as the Soul Society whereas the one for Hollows retained the name of the original realm. Between them and the World of the Living (as it would be called from then on), extremely dense spiritual power amalgamated into a rushing torrent which stabilized all three during this transition.

    Unfortunately, the amount of power was too much for the God of Death's sword to handle. Once the cut was finished, the blade broke into tiny fragments. These tiny fragments made their way into souls and Hollows, transforming them into two similar, but vastly different beings. Souls became Shinigami and hollow could advance and become Arrancar. This was not the God of Death's intention, but the power the souls had attained was almost the ideal form of what he intended to do with the Quincy. The Shinigami were taught by the God of Death, learning what he knew. The Arrancar, however, were not as fortunate as the Shinigami, and had to learn their abilities and limits on their own. Over the years that passed, the Shinigami were able to master their power and even develop more from what they learned.

    Things like Kaidō (healing Kidō), Bakudō, Hadō, and Hohō were all techniques that were originally taught by the God of Death, but through immense training and study, the Shinigami were able to advance and perfect their arts. Unfortunately, the first few generations of Shinigami were not able to handle the sudden changes within the world. The Realms being split took a toll on them and they died much quicker. Over time, their bodies were able to adjust to the changes in Reiryoku and Reishi. Since this happened, they stopped dying off and were instead granted long life of up to 4000 years. And with that, the Gotei was formed and the Soul Society became what it is today.

    Unfortunately even with the Soul King's guidance, the first Shinigami were highly unstable. It was not uncommon for the first Shinigami to hear of a comrade exploding in the middle of the street. Knowing they had not much time left, the first Shinigami founded an organization to help preserve Shinigami knowledge, the teachings of the Soul King, and to keep the Soul Cycle in check. This organization was split between the remaining thirteen Shinigami, and it was named the Gotei 13. The God of Death's influence faded after the first generation of Shinigami finished returning to the Soul Cycle. He was no longer called the 'God of Death,' but 'the Soul King.' His word would be law in terms of the Soul Society. However, he did not meddle much into the affairs of the Gotei 13. He left it up to them to decide how to run things.

    It was not until 4,000 years ago that spiritual bodies became stable enough for Shinigami to not have to worry about spontaneous combustion. As the Shinigami kept watch in the Gotei 13, they realized that their lifespans were actually much higher than any human. Over the next 1,400 years, the Shinigami further stabilized. The Captain-Commander ordered the founding of Shino Academy to teach the ever-growing number of applicants to the Gotei 13. And as the Gotei 13 grew, so did its headquarters. The Seireitei was originally only a few buildings, but soon it was a castle with thousands of occupants. And as the Seireitei grew more in size and strength, souls began to flock around the Seireitei. The wandering souls who made their homes around the Seireitei formed the city known as Rukongai. Skirmishes with their half-brethren, the Arrancar, were common to a degree, but the Shinigami were able to keep everything in balance even still.

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