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    Vizard Racial Information Empty Vizard Racial Information

    Post by Snopy on Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:30 pm

    Vizard Basics

    What are Vizard?  Vizard are a sort of Shinigami/Hollow hybrid.  They are Shinigami, however their soul has been corrupted or otherwise encroached upon by hollow energy.  In other words, they are Shinigami who have obtained hollow powers.  On the outside, they are Shinigami.  They appear to be a Shinigami, and only when their powers are being used does is there any readily distinguishable difference between them and normal Shinigami.  However, this power comes at a cost, as a manifestation of their hollow energy known as an "inner hollow".  This is the source of their hollow power, however it is constantly fighting for control over the host's body.  It isn't uncommon for a Shinigami to die, becoming a full fledged hollow, rather than become a Vizard.

    Vizard Appearances:  Normally, their appearance is no different than any other Shinigami.  However, to use their powers they don a hollow mask.  Their energy becomes a mix of hollow and Shinigami energy (visually as well).  The only difference in physical appearance is the hollow mask, and should they be visible for whatever reason, their eyes often take on a darker and hollow like appearance.

    Becoming a Vizard:  For a Shinigami to become a Vizard, they must first somehow have hollow energy "corrupt" their soul.  In other words, hollow energy must somehow be infused in their soul in such a way that an inner hollow may form.  There are many ways to do this, as there is no single right way.  A rather intense battle with a hollow (very rare instances) and scientific experiments are among a few.  Some time afterwards, the (usually) caught off guard Shinigami begins to hollowfy.  Often their body itself will begin to hollowfy, and may begin acting as a hollow, as the Shinigami themselves fight to maintain control within their inner world.  Should they be defeated, they simply become a hollow.  Should they succeed however, they are a Vizard.

    Vizard Abilities

    Shinigami Abilities:  Vizard retain all their Shinigami abilities.

    Hollow Mask:  Vizard utilize their hollow powers by dawning a hollow mask, granting them access to powers such as Cero and Bala.  This also augments their Shinigami powers with their hollow energy, making them generally tougher while the mask is on.  A Vizard with their mask on is much stronger, and can seemingly ignore damage dealt (pain-wise, getting sliced open is still getting sliced open).  The mask has a time limit, however, before it shatters.  Most new Vizard start out with only a few seconds at a time, but with training the length can be extended.  It isn't uncommon for a Vizard to remove their mask periodically to save time for future uses.

    Loss of Control:  Having what is effectively a hollow inside of them, being a Vizard isn't exactly stable.  Vizard always run the risk of losing control temporarily (or in worst case scenario, permanently) to their inner hollow.  Some are better at controlling it than others, but the risk is still there.

    Resurrección:  Some of the most powerful Vizards manage to achieve an incredible level of mastery over their inner hollow.  Through immense training past this point, they may gain and control a Resurrección, a gargantuan;y strong manifestation of their hollow power.  This is the most powerful form a Vizard can take, matching up to an Arrancar's Segunda Etapa.  Typically though channeling this much energy from the inner hollow is dangerous.  Not only is this an extremely taxing form, liable to leave the user completely drained at the end, but channeling hollow energy at this level runs an increased risk of the inner hollow temporarily taking over.  Once a Vizard has reached this level, the odds of completely losing themselves to the hollow is minuscule, but while the hollow is in control some damage could be done.

    Resurrección is incredibly rare for Vizards and special permission is needed to obtain it.  Should permission be obtained, the code below is to be pasted into the Vizard's app.


    [b]Resurrección Name:[/b]
    [b]Resurrección Appearance:[/b]
    [b]Resurrección Abilities:[/b]

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