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    Quincy Racial Information Empty Quincy Racial Information

    Post by Dai on Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:30 pm

    The Quincy Race

    Quincies, or “Monks of Destruction”, are well known as spiritually-powered humans with the ability to completely destroy spirits, as opposed to purifying them. To those who understand the Law of the Conservation of Energy, however, this should not be the case—and it is not. A living being who has been touched by death is capable of holding spiritual energies within their bodies; this has been proven by the existence of the Fallen. The difference, however, is that while most Fallen are capable of using spiritual energy, they are not as easily capable of processing it within their bodies. Quincies, on the other hand, were granted their power by the God of Death himself, and are actually an amalgam of Shinigami and Human that hold their own as a different side of the coin entirely. While a Shinigami purifies and assists, a Quincy destroys and repurposes.

    When a Hollow is killed by a Quincy, they do not go back into the flow. This is known—it is assumed that the Hollow’s energies are destroyed. This is correct, but not in the way most understand. Instead of being completely dispersed into the air, a Hollow’s energy is instead absorbed by the Quincy who killed the Hollow, refilling their own energy reserves and allowing them to continue fighting. This is how the Quincy, who are mere humans no matter what, are capable of keeping up with the supernatural stamina of the Shinigami or the Arrancar. They are at their strongest when they have spirit particles to absorb, and as a result are even stronger in places like Soul Society or Hueco Mundo.

    Quincy Origins:

    The first Quincy were created by the ‘God of Death’ among certain Germanic tribes, about three thousand years ago. They were formed by infusing spiritual energy into their bodies, giving them something reminiscent of a Soul Sleep with which to gather energy—but knowing that as humans, their power as spirits might be limited, the God of Death gave them the ability to absorb energy from the world around them to fight. What he didn’t expect was their ability to absorb Hollow as well. They were deemed a failed experiment when the Hollow did not return to the stream of souls after they were killed by the Quincy.

    Unfortunately, his ability to manipulate the Material Plane was limited. He could not so easily destroy the Quincies, and when they died their power was simply recycled in the bodies of other Quincies. For some reason, that power that he gave them could never leave the world of the living, no matter how hard he tried to get it back. However, his hopes seemed to rise when the Quincies discovered Vollstandig. Over half of the Quincy population was destroyed when they attempted to use this newfound power. It did not discourage the remaining Quincies, however, who continued to learn and develop their strength.

    Over the past eighteen-hundred years, the Quincy have been reducing in population, yet not ever dying out. There are approximately five thousand Quincies alive right now, but that number seems like it will remain steady—maybe even increase—towards the near future.

    Quincy Paraphernalia:

    Sanrei Focus: This is essentially the Quincy equivalent of the Shinigami’s Zanpakutō. While it lacks an internal spirit, it is the way that they channel and focus their power. They form their spirit weapon from this focus. It can take the form of anything wearable, such as a glove or a belt. Without a Sanrei Focus, the Quincy’s energies can be very explosive and uncontrollable. It also restricts their energy intake so they’re not just absorbing every single spirit particle within a short distance.

    Spirit Weapon: Forged from spirit particles through their Sanrei Focus, the Quincy’s Spirit Weapon is the way that they fight their battles. It can take the form of anything (but only one thing) that the Quincy sees as a weapon—magic-aligned Quincy could make it take the form of a spellbook, or a Quincy who prefers to fight at close range might have it form a greatsword. The Spirit Weapon then has a Primary Attack, which is essentially their main way of attacking. It’s possible for a Spirit Weapon to have more ways of attacking, though there are restrictions—you generally have to have attacks that fit with the theme of your item (no hail of arrows from a melee dagger), and ranged/magic Spirit Weapons naturally have more ways of using spiritual energies to attack.

    Ginto: A Ginto is a small silver tube filled with condensed spirit energy, created by a Quincy to be used as a component in their magic. Up to three Ginto can be used in a spell, and the effects depend on the user—even if two Quincy create a spell with the exact same incantation and movements, the effects could be completely different. A Quincy is capable of using magic available to all other Quincies, but some are also capable of creating their own, unique, Signature Ginto. A Quincy can have up to five upon creation, but with work put in IC can create more. A Quincy with Signature Ginto cannot create their own Seele Tricks.

    Seele Schneider: The Seele Schneider is a commonly-used tool of the Quincy, that creates a blade of spirit energy. The Seele Schneider is a weapon much like a chainsaw, with Reishi making 3 million round trips per second around the edge of the blade. The vibrations of the Seele Schneider are not just for cutting. Through its vibrations, the Seele Schneider loosens the bonds between the Reishi of whatever it cuts in order to make them easier to capture. While this is all well and true, the Quincy are also capable of performing ‘Tricks’ with their Seele, which are much like Ginto. While there are several Seele Tricks that every Quincy will already know, they can also create their own unique Tricks. A Quincy can have up to five upon creation, but with work put in IC can create more. A Quincy with custom Seele Tricks cannot create their own Signature Ginto.

    Quincy Techniques:

    Hirenkyaku: This is the Quincy equivalent of Shunpo, a fast movement action that allows for high-speed travel by riding on the flow of spiritual energies created below the user’s feet. The Hirenkyaku can have its own appearance depending on the Quincy’s spiritual energy.

    Blut: This technique gives the practitioner inhuman defensive and offensive capabilities, by forcing Reishi to flow through their blood vessels. This either serves to reinforce or empower their muscles, though only one can be active at any time—a Quincy must either use defensive or offensive Blut. This is also significantly dangerous to the Quincy, as it restricts the flow of blood through their body, serving to increase the rate at which they fatigue in combat.

    Ransotengai: An advanced technique of the Quincy, originally created to allow elderly Quincy to continue fighting, even with their bodies weaker than their younger peers. The Quincy uses strings of Reishi to manipulate their body as one would a puppet, meaning that even a Quincy whose body is absolutely broken can still move as if it were unfettered. The technique uses quite a lot of energy, and a Quincy using Ransotengai cannot use their Vollstandig until they are no longer using the ability.

    Vollstandig: When a Quincy removes their Sanrei Focus, their energy becomes explosive and uncontrollable. For a lot of untrained Quincy, this means that their bodies are immediately consumed in an outward burst of energy. As it were, the key to learning your Vollstandig is to be patient. A Quincy who trains their body and mind to control their power in small bursts before fully removing their Sanrei Focus is far less likely to be incinerated upon release. However, when they can release and activate their Vollstandig, the Quincy entertains a significant increase of power.

    Much like a Shinigami’s Bankai, they take on another appearance and use the purest form of their powers. This could be based upon their Spirit Weapon itself, or it could look completely different—either way, it is their strongest form. As well as this, a Quincy in Vollstandig can drain away spirit energy and particles at will—there is no difference between energy and particles as a fuel for a Vollstandig Quincy.

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